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Tatoo studio Szczecin

The history of tattooing is as old as the hills. One can say that the culture of decorating one’s body with designs and patterns was, is and will be contrary to some people’s claim that tattooing is a phenomena associated with criminal world or fashion that passes quickly.

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Why Choose Us

We are a professional tattoo parlor operating in Szczecin.The best tattoo artists work for us. We have taken part in Polish and international tattoo conventions. We tattoo those who are more and those who are less known, helping them to express their personality, emphasize their individuality, and record unforgettable moments.

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Laserowe usuwanie tatuaży i makijażu permanentnego

Do zabiegu wykorzystujemy najnowocześniejszy laser typu Q-switch emitujący impulsy świetlne o bardzo krótkim czasie wynoszącym nanosekundy.

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Laserowe usuwanie tatuażu
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