1. Hygiene
2. Safety.
3. Sanepid (Sanitary-Epidemiological Station)..
4. Does the artist have regular check-ups?
5. Are needles disposable?
6. What happens to used up needles?
7. How to prepare yourself to tattooing?
8. How to take care of your tattoo?
9. Drinking alcohol.
10. What kind of paints are used in tattooing?
11. How to choose a tattoo parlor?
12. What design to choose?
13. Making designs.
14. How to make an appointment?
15. How long do you wait for your tattoo to be made?
16. Prices.

1. Hygiene is a very important and indispensable part of tattooing. The room in which the tattooing is performed should be sterile and clean which directly affects health and the quality of the job. The place and equipment: machines, power cables and the workplace should be appropriately protected with disposable materials.

2. By using disposable needles, gloves, materials and certificated paints I am 100% positive that no disease or infection comes along.

3. Sanepid is an institution that takes care of the studio hygiene by controlling it. A book of sanitary controls should be available. It shows clearly if and what kind of reservations there are. A self-respecting and good tattoo parlor should have no problems with that. Another Sanepid visit is anticipated with big crescent smile.

4. Every artist that practices tattooing should have an updated health book which allows them for safe contact with a client during the operation. It is a quite important piece of information, especially for those who are positive that they are in good and safe hands.

5. The needles that are used in tattooing are disposable. They should be sterilely packed with the date of sterilization and expiry date on the packet. Hint: check if such a needle is being unpacked in your presence.

6. Used up needles are thrown into specially closed containers that are taken away and utilized in special plants. The same happens to used up gloves, paper towels, materials that protect the machine, power cables, chairs, paint cups and other disposable objects that come in direct and indirect contact with blood and the place in which the operation is performed.

7. After the appointment, it’s good to come to the parlor rested. It’s not good to expect some great pain. Yet, it’s difficult since almost anyone thinks that tattooing means unbearable pain, including stories of people fainting or any other stories from people who have incredible knowledge of tattooing, not having a single tattoo themselves. It’s worth to know that different people feel pain differently. One can go through hell and the other sits there relaxed throughout the whole process. It all comes down to the kind of tattoo you are going to get. A delicate shadowed one – almost painless, a tribal - felt much more intensively.

8. The way we treat our tattoo initially affects the way it looks later on. There are many ways of protecting your tattoo after it has been done. These include different dressings like gauze, swabs, bandages or foil. Each of these protects an open wound from getting into contact with the surroundings. Dirty water – the swimming pool, lake, sea or solarium are not recommended and it should be extremely closely watched. There is a wide range of ointments used – we recommend Easy Tattoo.

9. There are different theories on the influence of alcohol or other stimulants on the quality of a tattoo. Personally I think that drinking alcohol in excessive manner during the healing process, for about one week, or going on the binge, so to say, affects the way the tattoo looks after the healing. A glass of wine or two beers are fairly harmless.

10. Any self-respecting parlor should use paints only of the highest quality (Starbrite, Intenze etc.) that have been approved and that are used only for tattooing. Any kind of unknown ink of some mysterious origin is rubbish.

11. The choice of the parlor in which you are planning to have your first tattoo done should not be a problem. One of the easiest way is of course through the grapevine. Besides, in the Internet era it is really not too difficult to find some sites with some basic information and picture gallery.

12. From my experience I know that almost anyone has some visions in their heads that are difficult to be categorized and not many people know what they want to have on their skin. In our parlor there are designs and patterns available to everyone. Those include Celtic, Maori, classic Japanese, biomechanical, and famous tribal designs.

13. If you don't know what to choose, we would be more than welcome to help you by drawing a design. They are unique and drawn especially for you.

14. We make personal appointments in the parlor. It is done this way because we have a wide range of designs which might be of great use while making this most important decision - what design to choose. We book any dates only after the advance payment, excluding people from out of town who are unable to come personally. In such a case, it is advisable to send your ideas or enquires via email. Texting is out of the question

15. It is not possible to get a tattoo immediately due to the number of clients. After having made an appointment, you wait from two or three weeks to a few months depending on the size of the tattoo.

16. The price list of tattoos does not exist. We don’t price the number of square centimeters and we don’t get money for every hour spent in the parlor. The price means the size of the design, its complexity, and the number of colors used. The smallest one is 100 zloty.

5 advices if you want to get a tattoo looks awesome.

  1. Do the research! Make the effort and search until you find a professional tattoo artist that has a style that you like, and that really know whatthey are doing! The tattooing business is flooded with scratchers who are ruining both the poor customers skin with awful and down right dangerous hack work, and infecting a serious hard working profession. It's yourchoice, you are the one that will have this piece on your skin the rest ofyour life!

  2. Good reference materiał! Try a bring good reference materiał. Even the best artist can have problems with recreating realism from a tiny blurry photo. If you have specific wishes fora custom piece, gatheras much, photos graphics and background info as possible so that the artist can make the best out of it.

  3. Don't be a copycat! Please try and be original, and don't steal other tattoo artist custom work! It's a matter of respect for both the artists and the customer who wears the original!

  4. Have trust! If you are looking to get a custom designed piece by an artist, have trust that he or she will make their best to design it looking good as a tattoo. If you have followed the first advice, this will work out perfectly!

  5. Cheap tattoos aren't good, and good tattoos aren't cheap! If you think you can get a hyper-realistic masterpiece for 100 PLN...think again! With that said, if you will follow the first advice, you will soon learn that there is a wide variety in pricing between what is considered a reasonable price, and a ..rock star artist orice!

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